LIFE! Is it all it's cracked up to be?

One of life’s great remaining mysteries is the often apparently unbridgeable gulf between men and women.

They seem to see the world differently; they describe the world differently. They certainly appear to experience the world differently!

Women say "POE-TAY-TOE"

Why is this? Is it a problem, or simply the way the world is supposed to work? Is there at least some way of providing men and women with the means to decipher one another? Some tools that might make it easier to understand how the other half thinks, feels, and deals with the daily slings & arrows that come our way?

Men say "POE-TAH-TOE"

After extensive research, consultant Janet Mayfield and author Randy Morse believe the answer is a qualified “yes!” They present their findings, in entertaining, provocative fashion, in LIFE! Nine Lessons, Two Points of View, coming to a theatre or conference near you!


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