Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion!

Kaslo Gallery t-shirt closeup

The Dalai Lama (and a host of other, slightly less well-known advocates) argues that the reason we’re here, alive and sometimes kicking our way through life, is to figure out how to be happy — a pursuit that’s not as simple as it sounds, as we can all attest.

That’s a notion that’s always resonated with us here at the Kaslo Institute. It seems to us that, for example, folks who live in small, isolated, tightly-knit communities like Kaslo — especially those lucky enough to live in communities situated in beautiful places (checkmark!) — are on balance happier than people living in urban settings.

Turns out research confirms our suspicion. For example, the least happy Canadians live in Toronto, our largest city. This was apparently true even when the Leafs didn’t totally suck.

It also turns out that it’s possible to learn to be happier. And when we do, all sorts of good stuff happens, to us as individuals, to our families, friends, and neighbours, to the planet generally. Happiness is even good for business.

This explains why the science and art of being happy lies somewhere near the heart of the initiative we are currently planning, one that will see appropriately-sized summits, conferences, workshops, retreats, seminars, and events held in our area throughout the year, focused on health, wellness, fitness, and creativity. But don’t wait for our programming to begin to start slapping a grin our your face and a skip in your step more often. You, and everyone around you, will be glad you did!

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