Radio Free Kaslo January 15, 2016

Kaalo Hotel & Front Street

What makes Kaslo rock? What is it that makes this place unique?

The Kaslo Institute posed that question in a blogpost earlier this week. Then Radio Free Kaslo host Randy Morse hit the coffee shops and streets of Kaslo to directly ask the same question of locals. Today’s program features the results of those live encounters. For anyone who cares about the future of Kaslo and Area D, this is must listening.

Click here to listen to podcast.

Back to the earlier blogpost — here are some of the replies that flooded in:

Hmm interesting…I think maybe the word could be extreme: we are surrounded by extreme beauty – I truly think that – it is sometimes so beautiful it does take your breath away or it leaves you feeling that you’re not really here or here could not possibly be real. As a community we feel extremely: as experienced if you’ve ever been to some community meetings. We are a passionate group of people, regardless of what side of any issue any one is on. And as passionately as we may disagree with each other, we may in that same moment hold our hand out and help someone we disagree with. We go from living on the land with the most simple lifestyles to being able to access pretty much any materialistic possession. For example just speaking to my brother last night and telling him about this friends’ cabin we spent NY Eve/Day at. We were literally over 4200 ft up – looking only at the peaks of mountains, in the middle of the forest, with no people around for ever, no car access, no running water, no power, no nothing…but we had cell service and you would be able to get wi-fi up there if it was hooked up…so you’re so off the grid, but completely able to access the “grid”…to find Kaslo or get here can take extreme measures sometimes – you really have to want to get here to be here…..I’ve always thought people come here to either enhance their life or to get away from life – be at the extreme points of life…my two or three bits 🙂 — Kul Nijar

No pressure (I’ve always found Kaslo to be relaxing, stress free, slow paced…everyone is on Kootenay time…and the people are great, no pressure to be anything other than what you want) — Mim Mills

Do what thou will. — Henry Martens

There is no “brand” to Kaslo, it’s the people who live here that make Kaslo what it is,the word quirky comes to mind! I think you have to have a little in you to thrive here! — Stephanie Leathwood

Independence. — Karen Pidcock

Come for the scenery,stay for the people. — Dave Jette

I’m new here, but things I noticed and really appreciate include:
— how many people have back yard (and front yard!) food gardens
-— it’s a compact town with a heart, rather than a mini-suburb spread out along a highway, like so many BC interior ex-resource towns are. I can walk to get where I’m going.
— of course, the kind and welcoming people                                                                                                                                                                     — don’t know if people stop noticing this after living her for awhile, but it’s GORGEOUS! I mean really, so so beautiful. — Tamara SunSong

I have a home in New Denver and KASLO is a breath of fresh air everyone is so friendly and businesses appreciate you. KASLO welcomes tourism and the dollars it brings to the community .Don’t have anyone sitting on main street with a petition against motorcycles. — Sabrina George

No question, Its the people. — Al Smith

Definitely the people! Even when your new here you’re treated like family!! I’ve only been here 6 months but can’t imagine living anyplace else! — JoAnn Spiers-Brecht

The lake, the two mountain ranges, the forest, and the people. It’s got everything…. I don’t want to live in a city. What brand is that….. the best brand. — Linda Ann Kelly Zawitkoski

I also am fairly new to the area and immediately attracted to the beauty and charm. I also have met many genuine and sincere folks here. My son loves his school and it truly is a village more so than a town. — Glen Konowalchuk

The People. — Patricia Clapp

Kaslo is its own brand despite ongoing efforts to squeeze us into a box with others. So is the West Kootenay, (not the Koots) even if some of us are old Koots. A Kaslo councillor once told me when they mentioned Kaslo at UBCM meetings at the coast the minister with whom they were meeting said ‘everyone knows Kaslo,’ that has to be worth something. — Gillian Froese

Adventure tourism!!!! — Taelor Lay

Arts Community. — Robert Banks Foster

quiet, artistic, small, wild, connected, beautiful, important, fresh, colourful, rare, isolated, room to breathe…… — Rielle Oswald

Free-spirited. — Christopher Bostwick

And more are coming in all the time. We’ll be following up with a series of shows that focus on the future of Kaslo and Area D — stay tuned!

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