On the 3rd Day of Kaslo (pre) Christmas…

For the five days leading up to the big Kaslo & Area D Christmas Food Hamper Benefit show at Kaslo’s justly famous Bluebelle Bistro— this Friday, December 4, the evening before Light-Up, with music featuring The Lichens & Friends starting at 7:30PM — we’re giving you five good reasons to come, have fun, and be generous ($10 minimum donations are encouraged — we need to raise $1,000 to make sure every family in our region can enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner this year). And as a bonus, each day we’ll provide you with a sample of the sort of music you can look forward to. Let’s have some fun & help our friends & neighbours have a merry Christmas — see you Friday at the Bluebelle — and PS — don’t forget Santa’s coming to the Langham this Saturday, from 11AM to 1PM!


Reason #3

Because not everyone is looking forward to a merry Christmas, with turkey on the table & presents under the tree. If we can help families and individuals in need have a happy holiday this year — and have a rollicking good time into the bargain — why wouldn’t we?!

Not everyone's Xmas tree...

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