Kickstart Kaslo!

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Kickstart Kaslo was a recent, well-attended event that invited the public to listen to five “pitches” for local initiatives intended to boost our area’s well-being. Armed with the votes cast and good ideas shared at that meeting, the Kickstart group together with the Village of Kaslo’s Sustainable Economic Development Select (SEDS) committee will decide how to distribute $5,000, generously provided by Columbia Basin Trust.

If you missed the meeting or would like to here the speakers again, here are videos of each presentation.

We had a tie for most votes — first, here’s Patrick Steiner.
Who tied with Neil Johnston.
As well, here’s the Kaslo Institute’s Randy Morse…


.. Selkirk College’s Dawn Lang…

… and the Kaslo & Area Chamber of Commerce’s John Addison.

Enjoy the videos! And take a moment to visit the Kickstart Kaslo Youtube page — click “Like” on your favourite(s), and be sure to leave a comment — help shape the future of our village & region!


2 thoughts on “Kickstart Kaslo!

  1. 1) Randy Morse–Broadband—I find it difficult knowing what goes on in the area..example this meeting for Kickstart Kaslo. Didn’t know about it.
    2) John Addison–West Koot Route– will bring in Tourists

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