Kaslo-Based Centre Gains Support

courtesy Wild Air Photography

Columbia Basin Trust‘s quest to find some “big ideas” that support its mandate to improve our lot in life here in the Columbia Basin, has come to a close.

The “Our Trust Our Future” initiative generated 123 concrete ideas from organizations, businesses, and individuals throughout the Basin. Of these, the Kaslo Institute’s proposed Kootenay Centre for Applied Creativity came out on top.

Our general idea is to make Kaslo and our region a major centre for the generation of practical, creative approaches to the challenges & opportunities that face mountain residents and communities, here in BC, across the Canadian West, and around the world.


Imagine small “summits,” sized so as not to overwhelm our infrastructure or negatively impact our quality of life, events that would bring motivated visitors to Kaslo and area throughout the year — not just during the summer months, but during the shoulder and winter seasons, too — what a boon for our existing businesses that often struggle to stay open during those slow months, or simply have to close. Imagine a few new buildings that would complement our current facilities, developed and run in collaboration with existing area organizations. Imagine some new, innovative, affordable housing, suitable for young families and seniors.


We can imagine all that. And based on the feedback to our proposal on CBNT’s website, there are plenty of folks out there who can, too, and wish us well.

We’re quite serious about this. In fact, we’re actively pursuing our first solid step, a move that could allow us to hit the ground running, starting Phase One programming this year. Stay tuned for further details!

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