Radio Free Kaslo February 6, 2015

Screenshot 2015-02-05 15.05.47Earlier this week I had an interesting email exchange with Izzi Smith, National Public Radio‘s Director of Programming in Washington, D.C. Izzi had some nice things to say about Radio Free Kaslo — like this:

“Morning Randy,

Thanks for sharing your program with NPR.   I listened a bit, and what I hear is a truly wonderful expression of a very special place.  You appear to be making local radio at its very best – rich with characters, images and music.  I wish we had more of this in DC.”

That got me thinking. What if we produced a new version of Radio Free Kaslo — one that aimed at a foreign, particularly an American, audience? On today’s show we have a little fun with the connections between Canada and the U.S. with that question in mind. You’ll hear interviews with some American visitors and a bunch of appropriate music. Enjoy, ‘eh?!

Click here to play podcast.

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