John Addison for Kaslo Council

Note: This is one in a series of public service blogposts intended to help eligible voters in Kaslo and Area D access as much information about the candidates in this year’s election as possible. The information in this post is solely the responsibility of the candidate. The Kaslo Institute is a non-partisan organization and in no way endorses the content in this post.




Vote for John Addison For Village of Kaslo Councillor

I will proudly serve the Village of Kaslo towards:

  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Working Together for Informed & Decisive, Decision making
  • Working Together as Community Champions, collaborating for the good of the Community
  • Promotion of Community Arts & Culture, Recreation and Tourism Goals

I am committed to the Sustainable Growth and Prosperity of Our Community. Through a Balanced, yet progressive approach to economic development, our community can prosper and become a working example for other Small Town Communities throughout British Columbia. Together, with other like-minded Councillors, we will strive for the Common Goal of Community Sustainability through Collaboration and Cooperation.


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