Kellie Knoll for Kaslo Council



Kellie Knoll, Village of Kaslo councillor candidate.


Hi, my name is Kellie Knoll. I live in Kaslo, well technically just on the outskirts of town in the RDCK. Like most RDCKers, Kaslo is our hub. We shop here, we get our mail here, we play sports here, we socialize here. It’s also our community. I curl there, talk about a social affair.


My wife Lana and I arrived in Kaslo in 2007. We showed up at the camp ground with a motorhome stuffed full of food, cloths, and kids. Four children in fact, three four year olds and one one year old. We had just been back in Canada for ten months. New Zeland had been our home for the last six years, all our children were born there. Lana’s education took us there, family and Canada brought us back. The Kootenays were on our minds.

We landed in Regina Saskatchewan in 2006 with not much except 12 bags of luggage, plus carry on, three three year olds and a six month old. We reunited with family, earned some money, built our home on wheels, and headed West. Home was on our mind. By chance we found Kaslo.


Now, we own our own home, we have four children enrolled in school, and we run our own businesses. We got back into the skiing and snowmobiling, and the hiking and biking. We have our own garden and we eat local game. Best of all we have a vibrant, dynamic community around us. Kaslo has been good to us, but it hasn’t been easy. We paid our dues, we worked hard and we get to stay. That’s the kind of place it is, you have to show up. You have to keep your word.

I’m thrilled to be running for Kaslo Village Council, I feel privileged. Whether I make it into council or not, we’ll be here for a long time. I want to thank the Kaslo Institute for your time and energy.





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