Corky Evans Goes All Rural in Kaslo



In a province, country, and world becoming increasingly urbanized, is there no longer room for rural ideas, creativity, concerns, and opportunities?

In a speech at once both plain-spoken and provocative, former BC cabinet minister and long-time rural advocate Corky Evans addresses the urban-rural split, and the challenges — and opportunities — that face the resilient residents that make rural BC such a special place to live & work. If you care about the future of British Columbia outside the Lower Mainland and Victoria, you’ll definitely want to watch this video!

Some audience comments:

So great to see Corky and I was inspired by what he had to say. Very timely and thoughtful.

Best speech I have ever heard from Corky….it was a real inspiration!

It took him a while to get going however he was well worth waiting for- some great points!

Great, provocative presentation. I also would have liked to hear more about his proposed solution to many of our problems – regionalized governance. I would have appreciated a bit more on the solution side of things.

A very heartfelt speech describing how centralized decision making has serious faults. I’ll remember the speech and use aspects of it when I represent my residents living out in rural BC.


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