Radio Free Kaslo, May 30, 2014

Screenshot 2014-05-30 07.47.04

On today’s show, music from Kuimba Choir’s upcoming concerts, tonight in Argenta (the Argenta Hall, 7:30 PM), and tomorrow, Saturday May 31, 7:30 PM at St. Andrews United Church in Kaslo, and Part Five of Karen Behn’s six-part series on life with cancer.

And a dramatic reminder — if you’re in Kaslo this evening and are looking for something unique to do, don’t miss the second JVH Drama Dinner Theatre, at JV Humphries School, at 6 PM tonight. We went last night and were thoroughly entertained. It’s amazing what Jill Holland manages to accomplish with our kids — seriously, they’ll amaze you. It’s worth the $20 ticket price (available at Sunnyside Naturals and at the door) just to see Jill forced to use a surrogate speaker, thanks to the fact she’s lost her voice; Jill Holland, speechless… priceless! Oh, and the food is excellent!

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