Welcome to Kaslo (Bay)!


Folks who are experts in the phenomenon of “amenity migration” — that is, the study of people who move from large centres to the (usually beautiful) countryside, often point out that the combination of water, mountains, and trees is pretty much irresistible for urban dwellers squished together in great heaps of concrete, glass, and pavement.

Chalk one up for Kaslo!

Library - 069

Our fair village, with its enviable position overlooking the biggest natural bay on 150 km-long Kootenay Lake, the Selkirks at our backs and the Purcells right across the water, with its leafy, tree-lined streets and magnificent surrounding forests has those features in spades.

Kaslo from the Air Wild Air

We’ve learned over the last 120 or so years that when we combine those God-given assets with a bit of creativity and lots of elbow grease, real magic can happen — like the annual Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival, rated one of the top-10 places in the world to listen to outdoor music in the summer by Reuters. Mark the first weekend in August on your calendar, grab some tickets, and come on down to Kaslo Bay, complete with sand, an extraordinary view, and a floating stage! Or come visit the bay any time, as Kaslo Mayor Greg and I recently did, and soak up some of the vibes that make Kaslo such a wonderful place to live — and visit!


Randy Morse, Founder, The Kaslo Institute


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