Welcome to Kaslo


Welcome to Kaslo! We’re proud to be the host town for this year’s biennial BC Rural Communities Summit — a conference that brings together folks from across British Columbia, united in their interest in and commitment to all things rural in Canada’s westernmost province.

Kaslo from the air

Kaslo, situated on the east shore of 150 km-long Kootenay Lake, is one of Canada’s most picturesque small towns. Founded in the late 1800’s, Kaslo has gone through several boom-and-bust cycles, from mining to agriculture, from forestry to tourism. Throughout its 100 year+ history, the village has retained much of its original Victorian architecture, and perhaps even more importantly, its resilient community spirit.

We’re excited to welcome delegates to this year’s Rural Summit (June 13-15). We’ll be publishing a number of these brief, informative “Welcome to Kaslo” blogposts, where I’m joined by Kaslo’s Mayor Greg Lay. We’ll also be filling you in on some of the terrific presenters who are going to be featured at the Kaslo conference.

If in the meantime you’d like more information on the Summit, click here for registration info. Or if you have any specific questions, feel free to contact Donnella Sellars, at dsellars@fraserbasin.bc.ca.

Welcome to Kaslo!


Randy Morse, Founder, the Kaslo Institute


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