Radio Free Kaslo, March 14, 2014


By popular demand — another program that features Kaslo’s healthcare situation. On today’s show, Doctors Fen Smit and Dan O’Connell chat about the attractiveness of Kaslo for the right physicians, over a coffee at the Bluebelle Bistro. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Radio Free Kaslo, March 14, 2014

  1. Hi Randy …. really interesting edition.

    I am sure you are thrilled to see the sun. I check a few webcams around the West Kootenays and it sure has been a cloudy winter. Kaslo needs a webcam so I can check out the conditions there. Maybe a good promotional idea for one of the local businesses or the Chamber Of Commerce.

    On the other hand we have had a ‘good ole prairie winter here in Calgary’. Lots of cold and snow.

    Looking forward to a week in Kaslo in early July, staying with our friends at the Kaslo Motel.


    John Griffin

    1. Thanks John,

      Just back from a quick trip to Toronto — it’s been even grimmer out there, weather-wise. Yesterday it was -12, `25 with the windchill — I thought it was January and I was in Edmonton! The webcam’s a good idea, I’ll pass the idea on to the folks in the Chamber here. Look me up in July!



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