Radio Free Kaslo February 7, 2014


On today’s show: an introduction to the newest form of e-currency, bit coins. Plus some news about a significant provincial gathering that’s coming to Kaslo later this year. Add some tunes, a bit of commentary, and there you have it — another episode of Kaslo’s very own radio program!

5 thoughts on “Radio Free Kaslo February 7, 2014

  1. Nice ending tribute to Jannie. Belated happy birthday to her!

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      1. Hi Randy,

        Thank you for your quick answer. I had a feeling that you might use the analogy of the Radio Free Europe.

        The word “free” in itself has no meaning; in order to attach meaning to it, it requires a context and a quantitative assignment (degrees of freedom). I lived in Eastern Europe in the 80’s and I was listening to the Radio Free Europe, and now I can say that it was, for the most part, a propaganda tool for the so called “Western countries”. There were very few things free in Europe at the time, more than nowadays for sure. Edward Bernays, the inventor of present day propaganda field, has discovered that you only need to convince people of one or two true statements describing a product (or an idea in this context), and the whole product will be associated with that statement. Therefore, if some things are free in Europe, the whole Europe is free, which is not true of course. Anyway, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was right when he discovered that “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”.

        I hope did not bore you with my post, but I like to go deeper into things than most people.
        My name is not Joey. I do not use my name when posting online. Since I will be a Kaslovian soon, I am sure we’ll meet someday; it’s a small village after all.

        Have a good day Randy!

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