Today’s Radio Free Kaslo!

Dustin East
Dustin East

On today’s show, an interview with Dustin East, a man on a mission — to help make it possible for area youth to stay here if they want, and carve out a decent life, a chat with Councillor Jim Holland, some bulletins and music — just the thing to chase away the autumn blahs and pave the way for a swell weekend — enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Radio Free Kaslo!

  1. Randy, great interview with Dustin. I always have hope that something economic will come of all this work. It is a little disappointing that the survey scope is no narrow. In my view it would be great to get a cross section of demographic information versus just one group. This survey seems to head down the path of the usual urban focus, namely splitting things into little groups. Given the lack of young people in the community, it certainly would be beneficial to survey the entire oopulation of Kaslo, see what we actually have for demographic groups and go from there. It seems that it may be an important part of the equation to see what the existing population sees things I.even. What do they want in terms of initiatives. Kaslo seems famous for mixing initiatives that come forward. The main point of initiatives is to get buy in and that is difficult when the existing population is excluded and then presented with a nice little gift wrapped package. Time and time again these “gifts” get returned to sender quite abruptly. A more holistic view would perhaps be more beneficial to any overall plan. I realize this should not be directed to you but it was easy for me to post my opinion here. I am probably coming across as negative but hope it will be viewed more as constructive criticism. Just my two cents on a well meaning directive, all the best to Dustin in moving forward!! Regards Rick Hewat

    1. Excellent observation, Rick. I’m with you – what’s missing is a simple but clear strategic plan for this place, one that simply and clearly lays out who we are and what we want to become. What I have in mind is more than a turgid “sustainable development” plan – it’s a statement based on a (hopefully) deep understanding of the assets and strengths of this place and it’s people. I’m beginning to think it might be easier for a non-governmental player like the Kaslo Institute to pull this off. Kaslo’s International Amenity Migration Centre hopes to receive funding soon to carry out a survey that would essentially provide the demographically broad-based data you’re calling for. We’ve already agreed to work together to ensure something positive emerges from the results. There is hope!

    2. Thank you for the contructiveness 🙂 Please feel free to also take the survey and attend the workshop (TBA). I hope to pick one intiative and follow through with it with a wide range of demographics in the working group. This will hopefully bridge the gap and allow for a wholistic approach to a complex issue. One step at a time!

    3. Thanks for the Constructiveness Rick 🙂 Please feel free to take the survey and attend our workshop (TBA) as I agree that this complex issue can’t be solved with small groups or demograpics. The working group most likely have a wide variety of people working together to select and create one strategy with a holistic approach to benefit the whole community. One small step at a time as we will tie the momentum and initiatives together through action.

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