Yesterday’s conference session in Creston reveals some interesting stats

Kaslo's Front Street
Kaslo’s Front Street

Some high points from yesterday’s Creston conference on the future of the region…

— deaths will outstrip births in Canada by 2030 — only continued immigration, to the tune of at least 200,000 per year, will prevent a gradual decline in national population;

— having said that, our region has very few immigrants as a percentage of the overall population. Looking east to Calgary, which has the 4th largest number of immigrants in the country (after Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, with Edmonton ranking 5th), the largest immigrant group there is from the Philippines, followed by India;

— the 2 largest employment sectors in the Kootenays (over 11,000 jobs) are: #1, health care and social services, followed by #2, wholesale & retail. These are followed by construction, accommodation and food services, forestry/fishing/mining, manufacturing, education/science/information technologies, culture and recreation, and on down the l;its;

— school enrolment actually increased in the Kootenay Lake region last year, the only area in the region where this was the case;

— average personal income in the Basin in 2012 was $37,00;

— median income was $29,000. This indicates that there is a sizeable gap between the wealthiest and poorest among us;

— we spend approximately 11% of our disposable incomes on arts & culture annually.

Now you know…

There will be two sessions at the Kemball Centre today (upstairs, in Council chambers). They include:

10:45 – Noon BUILDING EFFECTIVE COLLABORATION Moderator Mike Stolte, panelists Paul Born, Marleen Morris, Co-Director, Community Development Institute, University of Northern British Columbia, Brad Woodside, Mayor, Fredericton, NB. Using concrete examples, panelists will look at toolks for building collaboration, and share strategies for overcoming common barriers to collaboration.

3:30 – 5:15 CONVERSATION, COLLABORATION, AND COMMUNITY CHANGE Paul Born leads this session based on Paul’s book, “Community Conversations: Mobilizing the Ideas, Skills and Passion of Community Organizations, Governments, Businesses and People.” Communities around the world are entering a new era of community building. At the heart of this are community conversations, in which common goals are embraced by a diverse array of people with different backgrounds and needs, and influencers are drawn from multiple sectors, including community organizations, various levels of government, and business leaders big and small.

I’ll be there with a live connection for anyone who’d like to drop by & participate.

One thought on “Yesterday’s conference session in Creston reveals some interesting stats

  1. Seeing who the top employers are explains why the BC government is bent on destorying both groups in the Kootenays.

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