The Music Restoration Project & Creativity…


The Music Restoration Project is an excellent example of how a highly creative idea, one that in turn taps into the collective creativity of people in a particular jurisdiction (in this case, our own backyard here in the Kootenays), may lay the foundation for all sorts of cultural and economic activity.

Plus (bonus!), initiatives like the Music Restoration Project are also thought-provoking, triggering discussion and debate that may lead to new ideas and projects. And of course, at their best, they are inspirational.

The bottom line is that creativity — or more succinctly, creative people (that would include you) — is our most precious resource! Way to go, Louis and Neil!

Here’s a brief clip of one of their MRP videos, this one featuring Monique Salez, on babies, mothers, and the fundamentally nurturing qualities of music.


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